Who is this guy?

Commencing in music since the age of five,
Michael has trained in classical piano, electric
and upright bass. Orchestral arrangement,
composition, sound design and audio editing.

Attending the Booker T. Washing High School
for the Performing & Visual Arts in 2001,
Michael dove into the Jazz world playing bass
while performing at multiple festivals
such as IAJE Toronto and New York,
the Monterey Jazz Festival and Competition,
Skidmore Jazz Festival, South by Southwest,
CMJ, and the Blue Note Jazz Club.

Accepting a grant from the World Scholarship Tour,
Michael went on to attend the Berklee College
of Music, graduating in 2008. Concentrating in
Film Scoring, Composition, Orchestration &

Currently composing for film, choreography,
performance art and other forms of mixed media
and various collaborative efforts.
Michael comes from a long background of
Orchestral and Jazz training from many acclaimed
institutions and esteemed teachers.

Working with Choreographers Alexis Zaccarello,
Charles Flachs,and director llya Polyakov,
Michael is influenced from the likes of Shostakovich,
Stravinsky, Ravel, Charles Mingus, and many more.